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Increase Productivity with 5 (Free) zlien Features

Posted by Jessica Fortino

8/29/18 5:37 PM



Wouldn’t you love more free time in your day? Imagine if you could finally take a full lunch break or go home early and relax. Try out these 5 (free) zlien features to see how much time you can save.

Customize columns so you can easily see what’s important to you

When viewing your projects, you have the full control over the information you see. Gain more visibility into projects by adjusting columns to show the information that’s important to you. You’ll save time by getting all the key details on your screen at once so you don’t have to open each project individually. For example, you can adjust your columns to view first furnishing dates, contract amounts, project status, and so much more at the same time.


You can also make it easier to track deadlines by customizing columns. Save time figuring out next steps by adjusting your columns to view preliminary notice, notice of intent, and mechanics lien deadlines for multiple projects at the same time. When you click on the columns title, you can even sort your projects by upcoming deadline.


Add Lines of Business to save time entering job details

If you find yourself entering in the same information over and over while adding new projects, consider creating a line of business. Creating multiple lines of businesses is extremely helpful if you company has different divisions. For example you could create separate lines of businesses for water damage, smoke damage, mold removal, etc. You can always edit these fields on a project-by-project basis if ever there’s a special case.

Lines of business are not only used to help save time when adding jobs, but they are also filters you can sort in your account and the description of labor or materials provided that appears on your documents exchanged

Use DIY imports to add multiple projects, contacts, or invoices at once

If you’ve ever found yourself needing to add multiple projects into your zlien account in one day, consider using our DIY imports. This is a great way to bulk upload contacts, projects, and invoices to get new zlien accounts started.

The DIY import is a great tool for existing accounts too. Try using the bulk invoice uploading to mass archive your aging projects.

Use Tags to sort and organize your projects

Adding tags to your projects makes it easy keep an eye on the ones that need a little more attention. Whether you’d like to monitor any new jobs or ones that may be at a risk, you can quickly identify them.


Tags can also be used on documents. It’s a great way to identify the documents that are extra important, or make any drafts as needing attention.

You have full control over your tags so you can use them however works best for you!

Use Filters to get straight to the information you want

Using the filters tab for your projects is a great way to narrow down projects or documents by certain states, hiring parties, dollar amounts, time frames, or a mix of everything.

After using the filters to narrow down your projects or documents, you can then export your screen into an excel file for your own internal records.




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