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Important System Release: In-app Postage

Posted by Topher England

11/25/15 1:04 PM


zlien is excited to announce a new feature to the zlien platform. At the end of October, zlien released an updated payment backend with the goal of improving and simplifying the process of paying for both subscriptions and individual documents. This latest release builds upon that and gives you full control over your postage balance.

One of the biggest benefits of a zlien subscription is unlimited notice documents. At all subscription levels, you can send as many notices as you like. The preparation, JobSight™ research, and document generation are all included in your subscription, but the postage and mailing fees associated with notices are passed along directly to the user. In the past, zlien has managed postage deposits and settled accounts manually at the end of the month. With this new release, you'll be able to monitor your postage deposit in real-time and add funds when it gets low.

When you log in to your zlien account, you'll now see a new icon in the top navigation bar. This icon will give you at-a-glance information about your postage balance. Clicking on the postage icon will show you your current amount and the recommended minimum amount, and give you options to top off your postage deposit.

In the account settings menu is a new Postage Tracker. Here, you'll be able to view your postage balance and recommended minimum, add postage funds, and see your postage history.  

When you place an order for a notice document, such as a Notice to Owner, 20-day Preliminary Notice, or Notice of Intent to lien, your postage balance will be updated only when the notice is sent in the mail.

The next time you log in to your zlien account, please add postage funds if your balance is low. At this time, we're still going through and updating recommended minimum balances and transferring any current deposit amounts that we had previously collected. So if you know you still have funds available from your previous postage deposit, it might mean we haven't transfered it over yet. In any event, it's best to have a nice buffer in your postage deposit so that there are no delays sending out notices.

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