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Hurricane Irma & Your Documents

Posted by Julie Leveque

9/7/17 12:15 PM


As our friends on the Southeastern coast of the United States prepare for Hurricane Irma, please note that the filing and service of your documents may be affected.  County & Clerk Recorders in the Southeast, especially in Florida, may be closed or have limited hours due to the weather. At this time, zlien Support & Operations should be available without disruption; however, there will be alerts if normal business hours are affected.

Upcoming delays

At zlien, we rely heavily on third parties to satisfy document deadlines.  These parties include FedEx (for shipping to recorders), USPS (to serve documents) and the County & Clerk Recorders (to actually record the documents).  When severe weather approaches or we’re getting ready for a national holiday, expect to see closures from these parties which will ultimately lead to delays in filing and serving documents.

Although weather delays can be unexpected and sudden - and at times impossible to avoid - we always encourage users to order documents as early as possible to combat potential delays.  Even when weather is not the deterring factor, delays are not uncommon.  We always recommend utilizing our "Rush" processing for documents with deadlines due in 10 days or less.  Subscribers will be alerted of this best practice before completing an order.

We will continue to monitor the path of Hurricane Irma, and the Southeastern coast will be in our thoughts.  

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