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How Your Feedback Helps Us Flourish

Posted by Alex Kohler

8/10/17 10:00 AM


Do you find yourself thinking about how simple and easy it is to navigate the zlien platform or possibly of a way to make it better? Did you receive excellent customer support and want to let us know? If any of these scenarios apply, then we would love to hear your feedback! Over the recent weeks, we have made it a goal at zlien to gather feedback from our users. Whether your feedback is minor or major, it is important to us to continue striving to make complex things simple.

Review Results 

In June, we began a campaign to get our users to voice their opinions regarding their experience with zlien to date. The reviews, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest rating), have been outstanding thus far! The average result at this time is 9.2 out of 10! We appreciate the feedback that we have received and look forward to improving our product to best suit the needs of our users.

Below is some of the feedback we have received:

"I have placed liens on 3 jobs using zlien. What a great idea. Sitting at my computer and only taking 5 minutes to complete the online form. So creative and easy to use."

“zlien goes above and beyond for their clients. It isn't enough to provide a valuable service they continually look to improve their services by listening to their client's needs and responding with valuable updates. Their knowledge base is both deep and wide. zlien is a company that keeps commitments.”

“zlien has excellent products and terrific customer service and follow up. This company has the right approach and I am pleased with this experience.”


Helping us grow

Your feedback is key to our success, as it allows you to voice your thoughts on ways that we can improve our product to make the lien filing process as simple as possible. This feedback has helped us to launch new user-friendly features on our website and played a pivotal role in the new zlien web design! Feel free to contact our team here at zlien if you are interested in providing some feedback, such as sharing an idea or something that you feel could improve your experience.

If you have a few moments to review zlien, we would appreciate hearing your feedback here!


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