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How to Set Custom zlien Workflows

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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1/2/15 1:19 PM


zlien's software empowers users to set custom workflows for seamless automation.  You tell the system how to act when projects are added, and depending on your preferences, this can be fully or partially automated. 

What is a Workflow?

In October 2014, we released a new Beta feature called the Queue.  Based on historical data and your user preferences, the system will determine how and when documents are filed.  To access your settings, click "Your Queue" from your zlien account.  Please note, if you have multiple users, only the main/ default user can set preferences. 


How it Works

Select the queue item and then set your preferences accordingly.  You are not limited to one setting per queue item and are free to set as many as you'd like.  For example, some users may choose to set separate workflows per state, location or even line of business.  The items are segmented by: 



Setting Preferences 

To set a new preference, click "Add New."   You will be asked to name your workflow, and this is strictly internal for you.  Regardless of the queue item, you will be asked the same questions for Steps 1 and 2 (the Basics and Filters).  Step 3 (Conditions) will vary by queue item.  

Step 1: Basics

First, name the preference set.  Next, tell the system how you want items processed: 

  • Automatically process items: Once a project is added or the parameters are met, automatically process the item with zero human touch.
  • Automatically process items unless they are manually removed from the queue: Once a project is placed in the queue, if it is NOT marked as "canceled," then the queue item will be processed after a set period of time.  We refer to this method as OptOut
  • Process items that are manually approved only: Once a project is placed in the queue, the item will only be processed if it is marked as "approved."  We refer to this method as OptIn. 
Users will then set a Queue Item Review Period that determines how long an item stays in the queue before it is either automatically processed or canceled - depending on your preference.  For items that are automatically processed, they will never appear in the queue. 


Step 2: Filters

Now that you've set the basics, tell the system when to apply the preferences.  On this step, you can either select all for each subset or filter by state, line of business (LOB) and location. 


Step 3: Conditions

Depending on the type of workflow you are setting (prelim, NOI or lien), different conditions will be available.  You will tell the system when to put an item in the queue - or automatically process - based on a certain amount of time or deadline.  Then you can set qualifying values.  For example, some users will set a minimum dollar amount, and only send notices that meet their dollar amount threshold.  

Next, you can choose to set or exclude additional restrictions: include expired deadlines and/ or file voluntary documents.  


Now that your preferences are set, the system will not begin to populate your queue for 24 hours.  Thereafter, the queue will be updated every 24 hours.  For more information on setting specific preferences and managing queue items: 

To get started on your account settings, log in to your zlien account: 

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