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How to add a new project to your account

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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10/4/16 5:04 PM


This page is now out of date. Check out this update on how to create new projects using zlien's platform.



For many zlien users, adding a project will be the first step you take when logging into your zlien account.  This post explores the steps to successfully add a project in your dashboard.

Watch Tutorial

Follow along as I show how to add a project.

 Log In

Before you can get started, please log in to your account.  Your user name will always be your email address. 

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 Add new

From your navigation, click the + sign to expand your options.


From there, select "Add Project" to begin adding your job details.


Add Project Details

The left side of the screen asks for required data.  Once you've added all of the information on the right and before you submit your project or file a document, enter in the project contacts and dates on the left.  To ensure you have all of your project information ready: Project Information Check List


What to expect

Project address

When you begin typing the project address (meaning the job site address where the work is performed or materials furnished), the information will begin to populate since the address lookup is powered by Google.  Once the address appears in the drop-down menu, select the address and your city, state, county and zip will fill in automatically.  You can of course override this at anytime.


Project Nickname

We recommend always giving your projects a nickname.  This can be any internal identifier used by your company and team such as a job name, job number, customer name and/ or customer number.  This will help you later identify the job in the system in a way that syncs with your company's ERP system.  If you do not add a nickname, the project will be identified by the job site address.


Required Contact (Hiring Party)

On the left side of your screen, you will tell the system who hired you (property owner, general contractor, subcontractor, etc).  Based on your selection, you will be required to add that contact on the right side of your screen.  Once you've added your customer's information, you can add additional contacts by selecting "Add Contact."


Project Dates

Why should you add dates?  The platform will use your basic project data + trigger dates to calculate your next actions.  The most common trigger dates are the first and last dates on the job.  The first date will trigger any possible preliminary notice requirements, and the last date will trigger any possible notice of intent to lien and claim requirements.  Click the calendar icons to add dates and see what you should do next.


Submit project or file a document

Now that all of your information has been added, you can either submit your project data or file a document (which will still submit and save your project data).  If you choose to file a document, you can click "File It Now" from your next actions.  If you just want to add the job for now, click "Submit Project Data."



Watch Tutorial

To learn more about adding projects, watch this 3 minute tutorial:

Now that your job is in the system, you can track your next actions, file documents and edit certain details.  To add your first job, log in to your zlien account:

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This page is now out of date. Check out this update on how to create new projects using zlien's platform.

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