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How one general contractor used zlien's new-and-improved Custom Waiver Builder to adopt a better waiver system in under an hour

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

9/10/18 5:29 PM

We're always fighting to make payment paperwork easier for you. Recently, a general contractor in Georgia experienced this firsthand when they signed up to use zlien to speed up their waiver process. The Custom Waiver Builder made switching waiver systems so easy this team accomplished it in under an hour.

their previous process wasn't working

The A/P team (a small team of two women) at a commercial contractor outside Atlanta had their own custom waiver forms they'd used for years. The forms were built by a local construction attorney so they knew the language was legally sound. But they were constantly struggling  to collect the waivers back from subs in a timely manner. The problem wasn't the forms themselves. It was the method they were using to collect the documents.

 The A/P team was reactively chasing down signatures on lien waivers every time they got a bill from a vendor. They would send the request by email, and wait to hear back from subs who had to download, sign, print, and send the document back.  It was manual, time consuming, and difficult to track. They needed a better way.

zlien offered a better way

Using our Custom Waiver Builder this Georgia A/P team was able to switch immediately to electronic waiver requesting, signing, and tracking while still using their original forms.

Now, they could generate their waivers already filled out with all the relevant project information. They could email it to a sub in less than a minute and simultaneously  track the outstanding requests through zlien. This was significantly faster than creating waiver forms manually using Excel or editable PDFs. Better yet, all the subcontractors had to do was e-sign the document. They no longer had to take 5 minutes to print, sign, and scan the form back in to send to the GC, so turn-around time was much faster.

continue to use your boss-approved waiver templates 

While their method for requesting waivers is now different (and much faster than their previous process!) the fact that they can still use their custom waiver forms they've used for years made the A/P team feel much more comfortable. It also meant they didn't have to get approval from higher-ups to change the forms they were using. 

switch to your new process immediately

The A/P team was able to set up their own waivers in zlien in mere minutes using time-saving features listed below. 

1. Upload a Microsoft Word document

Simply copy/paste or upload a word document with all your language and formatting to instantly recreate your waiver as a zlien template. Look for this button in the template builder to upload a Word Doc: 

2. Use the easy drag-and-drop placeholders to make the form dynamic

If there are certain fields on  the waiver form that need to be customized each time (for example, you need to input a specific $ amount being waived or update the Check Payable To field with the signor's information) use drag-and-drop placeholders to indicate that as a dynamic field.

3. Use the CLONE option to quickly create multiple templates

On the list of waiver templates saved to your zlien account (found under the Documents menu tab) you can hover over any waiver template and click "Clone" to create another, similar waiver without starting from scratch. This saved the Georgia team hours!

when was the last time you adopted a new process in under an hour?

With the Custom Waiver Builder, this team was up and running so fast they were able to start sending lien waiver requests via zlien that same afternoon.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Explore the Templates section of your zlien account (found under Documents) and check out our tutorial on How to Create Custom Lien Waiver Templates.


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