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Help us build zlien - where to share your ideas with us!

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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8/22/17 10:51 AM

Feedback from our customers is extremely important to us at zlien, and we cannot stress enough how much that helps us grow as a company.  In addition to your feedback, we also love hearing your ideas on the product and our processes.  That's right, we want to hear from you, incorporate your ideas into our product road map and help you get even more value out of your experience.  In this article, we'll show you how you can help us build zlien and where to share your ideas with us!

where can i share my ideas?

Thanks to our rock star Product Team, you can now share your ideas and feedback directly in your account! When you are logged into your zlien account, you can access your feedback button in the bottom left corner: 

Aug-22-2017 10-32-25.gif

 Note: This is example highlights where to access the feedback button in the new zlien, and you can also locate the button in the bottom left corner of the classic view. 

what ideas should I be adding?

You can add any ideas you'd like! We've added the button to your account to help you better capture your suggestions in real time. For example, you may be approving documents from your Queue, and you would find it more useful if you could do [insert idea here].  To save you time and get your input more quickly, you can click the "Feedback?" button, add your input and then continue utilizing your Queue.  

how will i know if my idea gets implemented?

We will tell you!  It's one of the highlights of our job on the User Success Team when we get to go to our customers and let them know that we've taken their idea and brought it to life.  

what should i do next?

Put your thinking cap on, and remember that no idea is a bad idea!  The next time you're in your zlien account, if you would like to give us a suggestion or throw an idea our way, click that "Feedback?" button and help us build a better zlien for you.  

Do you have ideas now?  No time like the present, login to your account and start sharing them with us now: 

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