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Getting the Most Out of Your JobSight Research Preferences

Posted by Sean Laughlin

8/2/17 11:31 AM

JobSight notifications flooding your inbox? Documents getting sent with info that you did not want on there? z
lien’s JobSight Preferences are there to help avoid these kinds of situations and can really help make your entire zlien experience more beneficial to you so you can focus on getting paid faster.  

We recommend setting your JobSight Research Preferences PRIOR to ordering any documents!


Whenever a required notice or claim is ordered through the zlien's platform, zlien’s JobSight fulfillment team researches the project to verify the following:

  • Project type (private, public, etc.)
  • Project location (address, legal description)
  • All required contacts are set to receive the document
  • Property ownership

If our fulfillment team finds conflicting information from what was provided, we reach out and confirm if you would like to use the information as originally provided, or use what was uncovered via research. 

Confirming this information may slow down the time it takes to get your documents sent and recorded. To expedite this process, zlien allows for JobSight Research Preferences to be set up in the system that let our fulfillment team know how to proceed in certain situations.

You may be asking, how can my information even be wrong if it was given to me by my customer? There are many reasons that JobSight may find conflicting information. For example, sometimes the project’s property address (where the work was performed) may actually be different from the address listed on the Assessor Report or in the Legal Property Description

This is our area of expertise, and our goal is to catch these discrepancies so you don't have to stress about it - you've got more important things on your plate!

WHAT scenarios may arise?

Empty information

For Property Owner or General Contractor "Empty," this means you placed an order without knowing the property owner or general contractor information on the project.


On the surface, these terms can seem like they are very similar. However, there are many factors that determine if JobSight considers a discrepancy as a conflict or a non-match. One of the simplest ways to identify a non-match is if there is a misspelling of a project contact’s name or a street name. A non-match also includes differences such as “123 Main Street” vs. “123 N Main Street”, or perhaps property owners with identical mailing addresses but different names. 


WHAT are my preference options?

Depending on the scenario, the following options are available:

  1. Use JobSight data only:  Change the information you provided to match our research data without contacting you. We won't pause your order processing to send you a notification, saving you time and allowing your order to get out the door faster!
  2. Use my data only:  Use the information that you originally provided
  3. Contact you: You would like our fulfillment team to pause your order and reach out to you to approve the information we found
  4. Use both: List both what was originally provided, as well as what the research team found

Ideally, you should be able to “Use JobSight Data” for ALL of your preferences.  That being said, we understand that some of these documents can be sensitive, and you may like to be notified for some of the information that goes on these documents. We recommend tweaking your preferences over time once you are comfortable with the research being performed to take a more hands-off approach and save time using zlien.  The more notifications you have to resolve, the more work for you and the greater chance for documents to be delayed (and you do not want to miss a deadline)!

 how to View or update your jobsight preferences

It's easy to view your preferences and make changes when needed.  If you have more than one user accessing your zlien account, the main user on your account can control your preferences through your settings.  

1. Click the Settings gears icon in the right corner of the screen.

2. Click JobSight Usage, and proceed to the next page.

3. Make changes and don't forget to click "Save" to apply them!


Log in to your account now to check your settings: 

File Mechanics Lien

Check out some of my co-workers and all star researchers from the JobSight Team here at zlien.  


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