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Explore zlien's new tags feature!

Posted by Sean Landry

2/8/18 1:25 PM


zlien's recently released "tags" feature will improve your ability to ensure that nothing ever slips through those dreaded cracks anymore! Tags provide you a flexible solution for easy tracking and reporting on multiple elements of a your projects.  In this blog, we'll explore zlien's new tags feature. 

Tips & Tricks for using Tags

There are countless ways to utilize tags. Some of the most valuables use cases are:

  • A reminder of project status
  • A notification to other users in your account to reduce double work
  • An indicator of important internal information on a project

All users in your zlien account can view and assign up to 3 tags to any projects they can access based on user permissions and attributes. Your account administrator can add, edit, and delete tags to meet the specific needs of your business, as seen here:

Tag Blog SS 1-1.png

Now that you are excited about tags, here's more on how it works! Adding a tag is as simple as clicking on the Tag icon and selecting the tag you need from the drop down menu (remember, you account administrator can create and edit tags for you): 

Tag Blog SS 2-1.png

Users can view, assign, and remove tags everywhere your Project Information is visible in zlien. Additionally, you can also use our Filters feature on the Projects page to filter by specific tag.  

Tags Blog SS 3.png

When you log in, you will see that we’ve setup a few default tags to help you get started. We can’t wait to see how you utilize your Tags, and as always if we can help you with any best practices to get the most out of this feature please reach out to your Account Manager!  


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