Top Three Reasons to Rush Your Document  


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If you’re familiar with the world of lien rights, you know how important it is to meet your document deadlines. Missing a lien deadline could mean the difference between getting paid and loosing lien rights altogether.

That’s why zlien offers rush processing on documents--if you’re ever up against the clock and need something sent out faster than our standard processing time, you can choose to add a rush to your order.

As a best practice, we recommend rushing your lien if the deadline is in 10 days or less. Why? Here are three factors to keep in mind when you’re considering expediting an order.


When a document is rushed, it jumps to the top of our list so our team can address it more quickly. Our standard processing time is 2-5 business days, but adding a rush reduces this time to within 1 business day, minus any delays from pending research alertsThis means that we can get your document prepared and out of our doors faster and with a higher priority.


Once a document leaves our doors, it’s in the hands of a third party such as FedEx or USPS. Holidays, weather, road closures, and a number of other factors can play into the time it then takes for these third parties to deliver the document to their final destinations. If your county does not offer e-recording of liens, this means that you’ll also have to factor in the time it will take the document to reach the county from our doors.


It’s also important to remember that a filed document’s deadline is the deadline for it to be recorded, as opposed to the date the county needs to receive it, or even the date that it needs to be ordered through your account. Once a county recorder receives a document, they have their own processing time to officially file it. Most recorder’s offices file documents in the order in which they are received; depending on the volume that comes through their doors, this process could generally take anywhere from about 5-10 business days.


If you’re ordering a document and would like to rush it, simply click the “Rush” button before you place the order. It’s that easy! Our team will take it from there.

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If you ever place a order, check your deadline, and then wish you had utilized the rush feature, never fear! You can always contact our support team by phone (866-720-5436), email (, or live chat to add a rush to an order.

Because we never want you to miss a deadline, our support team also reviews customer accounts periodically. If we see that an order is cutting it close, we’ll try to reach out to see if we can help!

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