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Frustrated spending money on postage? Do this & you can save money every month.

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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9/27/18 8:06 AM


Do you hate getting your postage invoice? You can kick that dreaded invoice to the curb and show your boss all the money you're saving the company.  If you're frustrated spending money on postage, you can send your documents via email.  This will save you money every month and help you communicate on your jobs sooner. 

But first, can and should I email my documents?  

Your first questions may things like, "Will I still have lien rights?" "Am I no longer protected?" "Is this allowed?"  The answer is: It really depends on the job. 

Why is that the answer? 

For some jobs, state requirements may call for a document to be mailed a certain way. In those cases, folks should make informed business decisions on how they want to exchange a document.  zlien breaks this down on our State-By-State Resources.  We cover this under the FAQ "How Should the [State Name] Notice be Sent?"  See the California example below: 


And if that's not clear enough, you can ask construction attorneys for free on the Construction Legal Center or join zlien's Thursday Legal Chat.  All of these resources will help you make the best decision for your business on whether or not emailing your notices on certain projects will work! 

next, how do I start emailing my documents? 

It's super easy to start emailing documents, and you don't have to make too many changes to how you're already using zlien.  Here are the three easy steps and best practices to successfully change the habit and save some cash: 

  1. Collect email addresses: In order to send a document electronically, you need the recipient’s email address. It’s a good idea to collect this information at the start of a job. Including email addresses when you add new contacts in zlien will save you time, but you can also enter them later on when you order a document.  You probably already have this information stored and just need to add to zlien, or you can add this as a required piece of information when closing new jobs. 
  2. Give your customers a heads up: If this is the first time they would be receiving an email for notices, couldn't hurt to give them a heads up! That way it clears up any questions you may get about this later. 
  3. Repeat the habit with all your notices: Even if you decide to send the notice through the mail, get in the habit of also sending them via email. It's no additional cost through zlien, your customers get their documents instantly and you can start having conversations sooner. 

Bonus: You can also receive your documents electronically too! If one of your contacts is also using zlien, or they simply have your document email address, you can receive and store documents under your jobs in zlien

If this will be new territory for you entirely, that's OK, and that's why we're here.  Ask your dedicated Account Manager for help getting started or reach out to our 5-Star Customer Support Team.  We're here for you! 

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