Seeking ways to help those affected by the fires in California - connecting those in need with those looking to help  



Our hearts are with those who have been affected by the fires in California. We're keeping you, your families, friends, and neighbors in our thoughts and prayers.

There's a community of zlien customers, employees, and partners who want to help--we're just not sure how. Respond in this thread if you or anyone you know needs help of any kind, including:

  • finding a place to live or a temporary office space
  • laborers or equipment to finish a job
  • funding an aid organization in your area
  • gathering donations of any kind
  • or anything else at all


We would also like to help the brave firefighters, the law enforcement, and the first responders if there are ways to reach them as well.


For all of those looking to help, subscribe to this thread with the button above to receive updates. As we wait to hear more, this article lists organizations seeking donations.

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Thank you for sharing! I was able to easily follow the link in your article, find several options for ways to help.  I just made a donation through American Red Cross.  

Since I'm from New Orleans, I'm familiar with devastation like this after Katrina.  I was unbelievably humbled by the support and donations people from across the country made for our community.  


Everyone impacted will be in my thoughts. 


Thanks for sharing, Charlotte The devastation in California is really mind blowing. I just made a donation to American Forests to help recover from the damage and prevent future forest fires. My thoughts are with everyone impacted by this disaster.


The fires are unfortunate and tough on people, families and even animals. No help could be enough for the devastation being caused there. I just donated to the Humane Society of Ventury County  to help care for the animals rescued from the fire. 

Thoughts and prayers! 


I work at the Shasta Builders' Exchange in Redding. We suffered our fire this summer losing 1100 homes and all of us are stunned by the scope of the devastation our neighbors are now experiencing. 12,000 structures, including 9,700 homes have been destroyed so far. 63 people killed (so far) with another 630 declared still-missing since the fire started just over a week ago. 

Please considers a donation to the relief fund managed by the United Way of Northern California:




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