Do you charge a lat...

Do you charge a late payment fee or penalize late payments?  



Do you charge a late payment fee or penalize late payments?

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We do charge a late fee for anything over the terms on contact. We do however waive the charge if they let us know what the situation is and when we can expect payment.  If anything it helps us start a conversation with the client. 


I haven't in years.  People will not pay them and I do not find they facilitate payment any quicker.

Tom -- I agree about late penalties on invoices.  They aren't a silver bullet and almost comes across as an empty threat. Although it can be a benefit to have the fees there to "waive" as part of the conversation, Mayra...

Question -- What do you think does work?

There's been interesting stuff going on with discounting.  Specifically, I've seen some programs where discounts are offered for quicker payment that are different from the standard early payment discounts offered by some suppliers.  Dynamic discounting can match potential early payers with third party financing options, and interesting stuff like that.

Have you guys run across this? Or have any thoughts on it as a way to incentivize payment to get it faster...the carrot, instead of the stick?


We state in our terms & conditions that late fees will assess at X days past due and, if unpaid, we charge them. And we let them stand - waiving them only occasionally and after a comprehensive review of the payment history of the account. If it's the first time for the late payment, we may reverse the charge after confirming with the customer that our terms are for payment ON TIME. Maybe other industries have larger margins that allow for more latitude. There's a time value for money and I don't want my company to be anyone's bank. If there's no penalty for late payment, the customer will pay everyone else first. 


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