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Exchange documents in zlien across multiple states

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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12/15/17 1:37 PM

Many of our zlien customers do business in more than one state.  Perhaps you have multiple branches or a job comes up in a different state where you are unfamiliar with the lien and notice laws. Not only do you have every state's lien and notice laws baked into zlien to help you master a new state, you can leverage zlien to get the job done in any state.  In this blog, we'll cover how to exchange documents in zlien across multiple states. 

What do I need to do differently in order to file documents in multiple states?

Whether or not you have a specific state included in your zlien subscription, you can still file documents across all states.  If the state is not included in your plan, you have two options: 

  1. Pay the per-document fee
  2. Add the state to your plan 

For #1, if this is a rare instance to be doing business in another state, we typically recommend paying for the document as you go (you can still do this in our account and will be prompted to add CC information).   For example, if the majority of your business is done in California yet you do about 3 jobs a year in Nevada, you likely do not need to add Nevada as a state to your plan.  You can still exchange documents, track your project and access your deadlines.  You will be charged our per-document fees plus postage. 

For #2, if you find yourself doing business in another state more than 5 times a year, then you should strongly consider adding this state (or states) to your plan.  This way you can exchange documents for free and only pay for postage. 

Ask your zlien Account Manager for their recommendation and help to determine which move makes the most sense for you.   

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