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What’s new and exciting with zlien? Digital Jobsheets, Cancelling Orders, and More!

Posted by Gordon Bowman

7/11/18 11:28 AM

We're adding some much-requested features to zlien to improve your workflow and make it easier for you to efficiently accomplish your day-to-day. Keep reading to see what's new!

Start your job strong and secure your lien rights

Send Digital Jobsheets

Ensure accurate and complete job information by using our custom digital jobsheets at the beginning of the project to gather job information from the people you work with. Then easily import this information straight into your zlien account:

  • Under Settings > Company and Users > Locations you will now see a unique ‘Jobsheet Link’ on the right side of every Location.
  • Click on the link to add email addresses of others on your job or copy the link and send it out directly. 

Introduce Yourself on a Job with the Click of a Button

Avoid payment problems by “raising your hand” at the beginning of the project to let higher-tier companies know you’re on the job with our friendly and custom Project Awareness Letter:

  • Once you have created a job in zlien you will now see a green ‘Let others know you’re on the job’ button on the top-right of that project page.
  • Click on the link to create a 'Project Awareness Letter' that can be sent to higher-tier companies associated with that job without sending any “official document” that may cause issues.

Three things you can now do on your own

We know you love talking to your our amazing Support Team, but we're making it easier for you to handle some requests on your own.

Customer Success Team

Cancel Orders on Your Own

You can now easily cancel orders you have placed on your own without having to speak to our support team (although they are LOVELY!):

  • If an order has a status of New, Alert Pending, or Alert Served you can cancel the order from the document slider.
  • Simply select a cancellation reason, the order status will change to Cancelled and a refund request will be issued to our Finance Team.

Import Invoices on Your Own

Save time on data entry and get invoices added quickly into your account without a custom import or API. Use it to update statuses (paid or unpaid) and outstanding amounts as well:

  • Under Settings > Data Importing > Invoices upload a .csv file with 4 required invoice fields (project number, transaction number, outstanding amount, and transaction date).

Import Projects on Your Own

Save time on data entry and get projects added quickly into your account instead of manually entering them:

  • Under Settings > Data Importing > Projects upload a .csv file with 11 required project and customer fields

Learn how to do both here!

Some additional improvements to functionality

Link Supporting Docs to Pay Apps 

We’ve added some functionality and flexibility to Documents, and you can now attach invoices to Pay Apps as Supporting Docs directly from the invoice table:

  • When completing a Pay App, you’ll be prompted to include Invoices as Supporting Documents.
  • If the invoices already exist in zlien as PDFs they’ll be attached automatically, otherwise you’ll have the ability to upload a new PDF.
  • If you are requesting a Pay App you now have the option to require a Supporting Doc.

GCs Can Send Jobsheets to Vendors

GCs can save time by creating job sheets from existing zlien data and email them directly to subs and suppliers:

  • After creating a project as a General Contractor, go to Create Document > Document type: Other > General Contractor Job Sheet.
  • The job sheet will automatically include job address and contact info, with the option to include Property Owner and Lender/Bond Company contact information as well.


Ready to Try Out Your New Features?



PS we have a Surprise for you!

We’ve added a fun little digital (gif-tastic) celebration for when you successfully get paid on a project. See it for yourself the next time you mark a project as paid!!




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