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Feature Launch: Receive documents through zlien's new Document Inbox

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

10/24/17 8:35 AM


Do you send or receive preliminary notices, waivers, and other lien rights documents through snail mail? Do you struggle to manage these documents and other pieces of project information across online and offline systems? 

What if all these documents could be emailed, tracked, and stored electronically in one place, from all of the parties on a project?

Now with zlien's Document Inbox, they can. The Document Inbox is a task management tool that helps zlien users collect, view, and manage all received documents in one place. Streamline the sending and receiving of documents into one online location, where each incoming item can be filed with a particular project with the click of a button. Use your zlien account to complete the picture of everyone who is working on your project and their lien rights.


Everyone! Primarily, it's valuable for top-of-the-chain-parties like general contractors who receive large quantities of notices and waivers and use these documents to process payments.

It's also beneficial for subcontractors and suppliers who need to process waiver requests, collect waivers from their vendors, and track notices of commencement or completion.

How does it work?

Receive documents to your Document Inbox one of three ways:

1. Have parties email documents straight to your zlien email address,
2. Forward emails with documents attached to your zlien email address,
3. Or upload documents received offline into one place.

Note: If you're exchanging documents with other companies that use zlien, this is especially easy now that we've introduced the ability to choose email delivery options when you order documents!

Once a document is in your Document Inbox, you can categorize the document: is this a preliminary notice, waiver, notice of intent to lien, or notice of commencement?

Then, assign the document to the appropriate project stakeholder and project in zlien. Now you can build a full picture of everyone involved on your construction project, and track lien rights and lien risk on a per-project, per-participant basis.


Electronically sending and receiving notices has many benefits.

Build out a complete picture of all your project participants

Any time you receive a document in your Document Inbox, you can assign the document to a project and associate it with an existing project participant, or you can associate the document with a new contact that wasn't already in zlien. This allows you to use the exchange of preliminary notices to build out a full list of subs and suppliers on each project and their contact information. This increased visibility speeds up the waiver and payment process.

Reduce paper, costs, and delivery time

Electronically exchanging documents allows you to save trees and cut postage costs while speeding up time to value. 

Notices contain valuable information about project participants and play a huge role in promoting transparency on projects. Unfortunately, this critical information is often trapped in a paper version of a document that might not get to the right person or get organized and shared in an efficient way.

Sending and receiving these documents electronically allows project participants to immediately deliver that valuable information to other parties on the project without waiting on snail mail. Choose mail delivery, email delivery, or both when you order a document.

Move your filing systems online

By creating a process around collecting notices electronically (and uploading documents to zlien when they're received offline) you're able to create a huge storage system that files all documents, project participants, and lien rights information in one secure, accessible place.


  • The entire waiver experience is now integrated into the new zlien platform
  • Send custom waivers to multiple contacts in one step
  • See at a glance which waivers are completed and still unsigned on a per project, per recipient basis
  • Get alerted when a waiver you've requested others to sign was received and signed
  • Flexible waiver statuses allow you to streamline and reconcile online and offline processes for collecting waivers
  • Read more here!

Ready to try it out yourself? Login and go to the Inbox section of your account to see instructions!


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