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Deep Dive into the zlien dashboard & what the stats mean

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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8/17/17 10:31 AM


You spoke, and we listened!  Our customers wanted to see progress and success when logged into their zlien account, in addition to directing focus to what needs to be done next.  Based on feedback we received on the new zlien, our Product Team was hard at work building the dashboard to help customers just like you receive even more value from your zlien experience. In this post, we'll take a deep dive into the zlien dashboard and what the stats mean to you, how to improve your numbers and more. 

What does the new dashboard look like?

The new zlien Dashboard is more than analytics and reporting.  We encourage our customers to use the dashboard to their advantage to get paid faster, fill in data gaps and act sooner before it's too late and deadlines are missed. 

The dashboard will give you an overview of zlien activity, provide you with actionable next steps and provide you with some success metrics to help you track your progress. 


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Current active projects

Any projects that are not archived will appear in your active project count. If you have more than one person with access to zlien and they have different account allocations, their dashboard may appear differently that yours.  If you're looking to improve this number and make it more accurate with the job information you store in your systems: 

Question: "Why are all of my jobs in zlien appearing active if we’ve already been paid?"
Answer: "
Are you adding invoices to your account? Are you importing your invoice data?  Do you archive paid jobs??

What we recommendArchiving jobs that are paid to track your success & keep your account accurate.
You can achieve this a few ways
Manually archiving your jobs or importing your invoice data to update dollar amounts and archive for you.

By staying on top of marking your paid jobs as paid, you can your coworkers can see the full value of zlien and how your company is getting paid faster. 

 jobs you are first in line to get paid

Dashboard - jobs youre-first-in-line-to-get-paid.png

What does this mean?!  If you’ve met your notice deadline and secured your lien rights, you are first in line to get paid!  While there are many ways to combat slow or non-payment once it’s already affecting you on a project, wouldn’t it be better to just avoid it in the first placeEvery construction participant wants their invoices prioritized, and wants to get paid on time and without hassle.  

Act Soon

As an extension of "Jobs you're first in line to get paid on," you are encouraged to get more jobs to the top of the payment stack back acting soon.  By clicking the ACT SOON icon, you're brought to all of your jobs with upcoming preliminary notice deadlines.  


Missing Dates

If you’re projects are missing dates, we cannot trigger your deadlines!  Think of “trigger dates” as your money dates.  If a job is missing first and last dates on the job, then your dashboard will remind you to add them to help you track your deadlines and get paid faster.  By clicking the ADD DATES icon, you will be brought to your jobs with missing dates


Keep in mind the two most common "trigger dates" to help you track and act on deadlines: 

First day labor or materials were furnished Last day labor or materials were furnished

In the new zlien, we suggest which dates you need to add to trigger the document deadline based on the state requirements to help you figure out which data you're missing.  

dollars protected this month &
Average Days to Payment

dashboard-success-metrics.pngWant to know how well you're protecting your jobs and getting paid faster?  Use this portion of your dashboard to track your success!  Your protected jobs are the jobs where payment has already been secured by satisfying your preliminary notice requirement.

Improving your numbers may be more than adding dates and filing documents.  You may need to change the impression that you, your coworkers and even your customers have on a notice & lien process. 

That’s why were’ here! To help you see the value, explain the value to others, and most of all – GET PAID FASTER!  You can access these tools here: Explain your lien & notice process to your company and customers!

How can you improve your numbers?

1) Stay on top of your projects!
2) We recommend logging in at least once a week to add any new jobs from the previous week, update jobs (if applicable) and mark your paid jobs as paid
3) If it’s easier to share this with a co-worker, add them as a user!
4) If it’s easier to have your jobs and invoices added for you, get zlien to do your data entry or send your info as a spreadsheet

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