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Check out zlien's updated settings page

Posted by Sean Landry

4/3/17 12:29 PM


Here at zlien, we are always trying to find ways to save you time and get you paid faster. Based on feedback from clients like you, we are updating zlien to make it easier and more simple to use.  In this blog, we'll explore zlien's updated settings page that you can begin accessing in your account now.  

The formula is simple: The easier zlien is to use, the more time we save you, and the faster you get paid on jobs. We are rolling out the re-design in phases to ensure that every page gets some TLC. To start, our team focused on the settings redesign. Let’s take a look.

The New Look

To get started, log in to your account. Hover over the settings tab and click on “User Accounts.”  The screenshots below are pulled from the Main User's view.  If you are not the Main User on your account, your view and options may appear differently. 

Settings Navigation

Once on this page, you’re brought to the updated settings portal, which looks much different from the page you just left. From here, you can see a tabbed style menu bar allowing you to view the Users, Locations, and Lines of Business associated with your account all in the same spot. This makes it easier and FASTER to create new users, assign them to locations, and adjust their lines of business all in one place.

Tab-style browsing

We’ve also moved the navigation menu to the left-hand side. This will allow you to easily navigate to other areas of the platform. Now, you have a consolidated control panel that lets you move from one section of the site to another and back seamlessly.

We’ve also made it easy to update user, location and line of business information no matter where you are in the settings tab. You can add locations to end-users, or add end-users to locations without having to leave the page.

Check out this short video below and test drive it yourself when logged into your account!


We're looking forward to improving your zlien experience. We value your feedback, so please log in and take a look at the settings tab. Contact us to give us feedback on the redesign!

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