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How to calculate your deadlines after placing an order

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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2/3/15 3:18 PM


So you've sent a notice through zlien - great! But what should you do next? 

The answer is simple: You need to monitor your deadlines to make sure you don't miss your next requirement.

Here's how:


Getting Started

Before you can track your next moves, log into your zlien account and locate your project:


Log In Now


Locate your project

1) Hover over the "Projects" tab at the top of the screen and choose "All Open Projects" from the dropdown bar


2) Find the relevant project and click on it 



Add dates to track your next deadline

1) Click "Select Date Type" to see which dates are necessary for your specific project.

zlien's algorithm uses your basic project data + what we call Trigger Dates (the project dates you provide) to determine your next steps. You may see several different Date Types to choose from, depending on the details of your project. It is best to enter as many as you are able to, especially:

After you order a notice through the platform, you should add these dates to make sure you understand when your next deadline is so you don't miss any required steps to stay in a secured position.



2) Select "Date Labor or Materials First Provided" and then enter in the correct calendar date directly to the left.


3) Select "Date Labor or Materials Last Provided" (if applicable) and then enter in the correct calendar date directly to the left.


4) View your next required action and its associated deadline to make sure you stay in a secured position.



How to act on next steps

Generally, there are 4 options taken by users: 

  1. Do nothing: Leave the action as is until you are officially ready to move forward (always be mindful of your deadlines)
  2. File it now: If you are ready to take the next step, click "File It Now" to initiate the action
  3. Dismiss deadline: If you do NOT want to take the next step, you can "Dismiss Deadline" and it will no longer display
  4. Edit dates: If the project dates have changed, you can update the dates and your next actions will update accordingly 

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