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Caitlin Lowe, Operations Controller & Representative 

Posted by Caitlin Lowe

9/24/15 10:23 AM

Who am i?

Hi! My name is Caitlin and I'm a wanderer turned researcher. I started my journey in Knoxville, TN and ended up at the University of Mississippi (where I became exposed to the vibrancy of New Orleans). However, I began my post-collegiate life in the mountains of Wyoming at a clothing startup. When I made the moved to the swamps of Louisiana in March 2015, I knew I wanted to be back in the startup game, where community, culture, and productivity thrive. Through a series of seemingly random events, I ended up at zlien in September of 2015!

What I do at zlien?

As a member of the Fulfillment Team, my time from 9-5 consists of delving into the deep portals of the web to verify the data processed through the system is correct.  

What I do For Fun?

I enjoy adventures in healthy living, obscenely long road trips to awe-inspiring locations, soaking up all the music, art, and history this city has to offer, and documenting all of these experiences through a lens or a pen. 

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