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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

Patrick Ryan

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Is zlien Data Entry Right for You?

Posted by Patrick Ryan

2/7/18 12:40 PM


At zlien, we encourage securing your payments on every job , as being protected on every job is better than being protected only on a portion of them. One way to make adopting this policy easier is by decreasing the time it takes to get projects into zlien. As such, Data Entry is one solution to that accomplishes this.  

In this article, we'll help you determine: Is zlien data entry right for you?

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Topics: client success, jobsight, preliminary notices

Access zlien's Library for Construction Disaster Recovery & Rebuilding

Posted by Patrick Ryan

1/29/18 8:52 AM


From hurricanes to fires to mudslides, it can seem like a revolving door of headlines regarding natural disasters from every corner of the country. No one can say when or where these unfortunate events may occur, but staying informed is half the battle.  To help you rebuild and stay on track, here is zlien's Library for Construction Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding.

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Topics: Best Practices

3 Bad Habits to do Away With In 2018

Posted by Patrick Ryan

12/19/17 10:22 AM


Beginning the new year comes with its own challenges, and construction is certainly no exception. At zlien we're here to make your new year as seamless as possible. Here are 3 bad habits to do away with in 2018.

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Topics: Best Practices, waivers, preliminary notices