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Rolling Out zlien: Communicating the Benefits

Amy Steinkampf

Amy reviews construction data within the zlien platform, analyzes and investigates inconsistencies, and locates and verifies records.

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JobSight 'Early' Research- Documents vs Projects

Posted by Amy Steinkampf

9/8/17 4:52 PM

If your zlien subscription includes JobSight Research, you already know how it works and how valuable this is for you and your business. When you order a document such as a preliminary notice or lien claim, the JobSight team takes the information you give us then confirms what you already have, adds additional data, and lets you know about anything that is missing based on the research preferencs you set in your account. You get to decide when you want to review our research, use your own, or let us make updates for you according to your JobSight Preferences.

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Topics: Best Practices, jobsight