Platform Update: Talk Directly with the Scout Team about Your Research  


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November 26, 2018 2:44 pm  

Now you can communicate directly with Scout Researchers through Comments. You already use Comments to exchange messages with other contacts on your jobs, now you can also use Comments to talk to the Scout Researcher who is researching your project.

Send messages back and forth with our research team to speed up the research process and get more control over your project information.


Why Comment with Scout?

Provide Clarity

Sometimes our Scout Team does not have enough information to identify your project with certainty. For example, it can be difficult - or even impossible - for our team to find projects that don’t have street addresses, like new developments, without additional information. With Comments, a Scout Researcher can ask questions about your job and you can provide clarity.

Provide Additional Information

You don’t have to wait to share helpful details with our Scout Team. Comments allows you to provide additional information to our Scout Team up front to help them identify the projects you’re working on. For example, “this project is located across the street from the Shell station.”

Ask Questions

Use Comments to reach out to the Scout Team to learn more about the research that is added to your projects. Your Scout preferences determine when and how we add information to your jobs, and Comments gives you an additional layer of control over the information in your account.  


How It Works

If your zlien plan includes Scout Pro or Scout Ultimate research, you will see the option to exchange research comments with our Scout Team when you view a document in the zlien Platform. If you receive a message that requires your attention from our team, you will get an alert. You can also filter documents to see those with unread messages from Scout Researchers.

Our Product Team is working on making Comments even more powerful, so look out for more improvements coming soon. Use the thread below to share how you use Comments to keep your project information up-to-date and accurate!

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