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Levelset's Monthly Notice Control makes it easy to manage notices in Texas and other states with monthly notice requirements. Payments often come in late, and you don't want to send out a notice that says "I haven't been paid" if you get paid at the last minute. But you also don't want to lose your lien rights by missing the deadline to send a required notice. With Levelset, you stay in control on every job. Levelset prepares your notices in advance so they are queued up and ready to go. You can cancel notices up until 10am CT on the deadline day to make sure you only send notices when you want to. 

 If your company works in Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, or New Hampshire, it’s essential to have a reliable process in place to send monthly notices so you can secure lien rights and speed up payments on every job. Learn how Levelset makes it easy to manage all your monthly notices - no matter how many jobs you have - without the hassle of tracking, preparing, and mailing them.


How It Helps

Eliminate Stress

Eliminate the last minute scramble of preparing notices, cross referencing invoices, and running to the post office every month.

Save Time

Skip time-consuming notice prep that always falls at the same time of the month. With Levelset, all you have to do is cancel notices when you receive payments.

Secure Lien Rights at Any Volume

Levelset's flexible and proactive approach makes it easy to manage all your monthly notices no matter how many jobs your company has at a time.

Maintain Positive Relationships

Sending a monthly notice that says “I haven’t been paid” when you have been paid creates confusion and can damage relationships. Levelset waits to send notices until the day they are due so you can cancel them if you receive payment at the very last minute.

Get Paid Faster

Sending notices speeds up payment by opening up communication and providing visibility to others on your job about the work you’re providing. When you send notices regularly and reliably, you train your customers to pay earlier.


How It Works

Levelset uses your job and invoice information to calculate your notice requirements and deadlines. Unpaid invoice dates are essential to determining monthly notice requirements, so we strongly recommend setting up an AR import to keep your invoice details up-to-date.

We pull all your notices due for the upcoming month into one place. We'll use your invoice information to keep your list updated throughout the month as you get paid. This proactive approach allows you to prepare your team and customers weeks in advance and take proactive steps to collect payment before notices go out. You can also manually cancel notices to prevent them from getting sent up until 10am CT on Notice Day in case you receive payment at the last minute.

At 10am CT on Notice Day (in Texas notices are due on the 15th of the month, or on the preceding business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday), Levelset mails all your notices for you.


Additional Control Over Your Notices

Approval Settings

Adjust your preferences to have full control over your notices. This flexibility makes it easy to manage notices with any job volume.

Opt In Approval: 
This setting gives you full control over your notices and ensures that no notices are sent without your explicit approval. The Platform will show you notice requirements for all your jobs, but it will only prepare notices that you approve. Approved notices are not sent immediately. They are held and you can still cancel the notice until 10am CT on Notice Day.

Automatic Approval
With this setting, Levelset will automatically approve and prepare required notices for you. Levelset will hold the notices until 10am CT on Notice Day and you can cancel them at any time before then.

Customer Sensitivity Preferences

If you want to exclude certain customers from ever receiving monthly notices, you can create exceptions with Customer Sensitivity Preferences. This flexibility gives you an additional layer of control over your notices to manage your customer relationships however you want to.   

Already using Levelset to manage monthly notices? Chime in on the thread below to share how you use Levelset to stay organized and save time. We’d love to hear about your experience, and for you to share tips with other Levelset users.  

Want to start using Monthly Notice Control? Reach out to your account manager if you already have a Levelset account, or request a call with a member of our team if your interested in getting started with Levelset.

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