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Important System Release: Add Different Projects with Same Addresses

Posted by Antoinette Abboud

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7/12/16 11:04 AM


Are you working on projects at larger complexes, such as hospitals, universities or other campus environments? Thanks to the feedback we received from subscribers, we have enhanced zlien's "Add Project" functionality to better accommodate the projects you are working on and make it easier for you to get your information into the zlien platform.

Have you ever been frustrated by receiving an error message that says "This Project Already Exists" after you have entered all of your project and contact information? We hear you! Our newest release takes care of this issue.

Early Notification And Option to Move Forward

We understand that you might be working on multiple projects at the same address, but also want to make sure you are not entering the exact same project twice. If you attempt to add the same project address with a different project nickname, a gray bar will appear below the address information notifying you that the address exists, but that you can proceed with adding the project.


Should you add a project to the system with the same project nickname AND the same project address, you'll be notified should you try to continue to Step 2. A red bar will appear at the top of the screen asking you to enter a different Project Nickname.


Once you enter a new nickname or edit the nickname, you will be able to continue with entering your project. This enhancements makes sure that you are notified early on of duplicates, and will allow you to continue after you confirm that you wish to continue adding the project. No more waiting until all project information is entered.

A big thanks to all of our users for providing the feedback necessary to create this functionality. Have more feedback? Let us know!

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