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Add Project: New View

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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1/11/16 8:49 AM


We've made changes to adding projects in zlien. Adding a new project to your account is typically the first step taken by a user.  A project in zlien is similar to a job or an account.  Once a project has been added, you can track deadlines, manage open invoices, send and receive lien waivers and requests, file documents and more.  This feature is dynamic, and the form will update based on your project details.  Once the required information is added for each step, please select “Continue” to be brought to the next step.  You will have the option to edit any sections before submitting the project.

If you miss the old version, for a limited time, you can click "Switch to Old Version" to add your project details.  

Step 1: Project Info

Add basic project information and unique identifiers like your project name and number to help you easily locate your project in the system.  

  • For the “Physical Address,” this is the address where the work was/will be performed or materials were/will be delivered.
  • If your account has multiple locations (branches, DBAs, regions) or lines of business, be sure to select the appropriate location managing the project and/or  line of business for this job.  If you file any documents, this information will appear on your documents to represent your company name and job description. 
  • Include a description of labor and/or materials provided or will be provided.  If you file any documents, this information will appear on your documents. 
  • Add an optional open balance amount for this project if applicable.  If you file any documents, the system will ask for any required dollar amounts for the document.  This number can be updated in your account anytime. 


Step 2: Project Contacts

Based on the hiring party (your customer) identified in Step 1, you are required to add your customer details to successfully add a project and later file documents.  You can add additional contacts to this project, by selecting “Add More Project Contacts” once your customer has been added. 

  • If you have an external identifier, such as a customer number or code, you can enter under “Your external ID,” and this code can be used to help you easily locate your customer and their associated projects in the system.
  • If your customer is an individual without a company name, you can include their first and last name in the section labeled “Company Name.”
  • Previously entered contacts will be saved to your account, and their information will auto-populate once you start typing under "Company Name."


Step 3: Dates and Deadlines

To calculate deadlines and next steps, add what we call “trigger dates” to your project.  The most common trigger dates are date labor or materials first furnished and date labor or materials last furnished.  

  • If you do not have any dates, you can leave this section blank; however, it’s recommended to add as much data as possible to fully utilize the feature.
  • You can add or edit dates anytime, even after your project has been saved
  • If the date has not yet occurred, you can a date that will occur in the future.  
  • By Selecting "Save & Create another Project," you can immediately begin adding your next job once this project is saved.


Ready to try out the new view and add your next project?  Login to your account now: 

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