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Access zlien's Library for Construction Disaster Recovery & Rebuilding

Posted by Patrick Ryan

1/29/18 8:52 AM


From hurricanes to fires to mudslides, it can seem like a revolving door of headlines regarding natural disasters from every corner of the country. No one can say when or where these unfortunate events may occur, but staying informed is half the battle.  To help you rebuild and stay on track, here is zlien's Library for Construction Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding.


We all know construction projects can be unpredictable, and unforeseen natural disasters certainly don't help this predicament.  Here at zlien, we believe it’s important to stay informed, and an effective way to do so is to learn from past experiences.  And, 2017 was no stranger to natural disasters:


As seen from past disasters, construction relief is a much needed part of any recovery effort. Due to this, it is important to be aware of the risks which come along with this type of construction. Having a strong credit policy is significant in reducing risk on projects, and property restoration work is certainly no exception; furthermore, understanding this uncertainty and establishing an appropriate guideline leaves one less thing to worry about when considering if this type of work is right for you.

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There is no way of knowing what the future holds, but staying up to date on disasters by using our Disaster Recovery tag can help make sure you are both informed and ready.

Disaster relief is never easy, but knowing the risks at hand is important for both mitigating risk and deciding the correct moves for your company.

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