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A Day in the Life: zlien User Success

Posted by Antoinette Abboud

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12/21/15 3:00 PM

Every day, the zlien User Success team’s goals are to ensure our users are adding value to their company and jobs by using our platform, and that they enjoy the best user experience in the process.  In the past year, we’ve welcomed new members to our team and added additional infrastructure to ensure we are covering all steps of our users’ journey.  While we are all here to achieve the same goal, our users’ overall success, we have three department divisions segmented by function within the User Success Team: Customer Support, Training & OnBoarding and Account Management.  

A Typical Day In USer Success

Depending on our roles, and even the day of the week, our days can vary pretty drastically. Because of this, we huddle for at least 10-15 minutes every day to check in and see how things are going. Other recurring daily activities include answering phones, emails and chats to provide our customers with account support, providing training for new users or those looking for a refresher course,  working with members from other departments to make sure documents are processing timely, and just generally enjoying the day!

Our Customer support team focuses their days resolving support tickets and helping users navigate our resources and online education. Training & Onboarding makes sure our customers are set up for success by hosting a variety of training sessions and creating new training materials for virtual onboarding, providing you with a variety of options for your learning style. Account Management checks in with your account to make sure you are happy with the platform and that your account is performing well, creates webinar and blog content and finds new ways to improve your user experience and add value to your account as new features become available.

What We Do

What you don't know can actually hurt you, so we spend our time making sure you know everything you need to know regarding your zlien account and our software. Our goal is to keep you happy and healthy from the time you sign up for your zlien account on. This involves training all users on the functionality of the system, account check-ins to see which features you are using, or which ones will add value to your account, and offering webinars and course materials that are relevant to the construction industry - not just the zlien platform. We strive to stay engaged with all of our users through a variety of medium: phone, email, chats, webinars - you might even receive something from us in the mail from time to time!

What do we need to do our jobs? Feedback from our users. Without feedback on how the platform is working, your successes and failures in the platform and the help we are providing, we wouldn't know how to make the zlien experience better for all users. So help us help you! Let us know how the platform is (or isn't) working for you. One of the big things that we do is listen, and then we get together to come up with the best way to improve your experience. You can do that by rating your chats, emailing us at mail@zlien.com, submitting formal feedback, or by sharing your zlien story. Please feel to reach out to us at any time - we look forward to helping you be successful with zlien!



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