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A Day in the Life: zlien Fulfillment

Posted by Thomas Travis

10/14/15 9:59 AM

A zlien Fulfillment-ite starts their day in the newest Louisiana zlien office building at 4820 Prytania Street. Fulfillment shares the second New Orleans office with our legal and financial counterparts. As a department we have almost doubled in size in the past six months, all of us are assigned a specific role in helping maintain both our department and platform’s productivity and efficiency. Individually, we hail from various parts of the country, including the Crescent City.

A typical Day at Fulfillment

The first part of our day is a gathering of everyone in the department. The meeting takes place after we make coffee in the kitchen or run down the street to the local bagel shop. This meeting allows us to discuss our ideas and concerns as a team to ensure that all of our personal daily goals can be accomplished. The fulfillment team is divided into various sub-departments ranging from process, verification and mailing. zlien’s platform enables users to send and file documents in any state across the country. Depending on the specific role of a fulfillment team member, they may be divided into geographic locations.

What do we do?

 What does the fulfillment department do? We figure things out! “Whats up with this  [Insert Order Number]?” is a question a Fulfillment-ite is solving all day, every day; when a user would like to amend a particular piece of project data, like an address or adding a contact; when User Success or the Sales Department have a question; when a user receives a piece of mail about their project, etc.  When we’re not hard at work processing data, supporting other departments, or mailing documents, we like listening to music, wearing plaid and finding out about one another through conversation. We are a rare breed us Fulfillment-ites, a strong group of humans that take pride in our responsibilities.

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