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5 Awesome Reports You Can Pull in the New zlien Platform

Posted by Sarah Toulmin

7/11/17 11:35 AM

Feature improvements in the new zlien platform make finding and organizing your data easier than ever. We've been so inspired by the creative reports our customers are generating using our new smart filters, customizable table columns, and custom CSV exports that we decided they were too good not to share!

Below you'll find five of our favorite reports crowdsourced from zlien customers like you. We hope you'll be inspired too. Be sure to comment below if you've made your own awesome reports!


You probably have a sense of who your slowest paying customers are. Now you can back up your hunch with raw data. Download a customizable CSV report of your zlien contacts complete with the total outstanding balance across all open projects in zlien and the number of Liens and Notices of Intent to Liens you've filed with each customer.


  1. Go to the Contacts list page.
  2. Click the download CSV button in the upper right corner of the screen (under the green Add Contact button).
  3. Customize your report columns and click "Download CSV."

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 11.27.28 AM.png


Quickly assess your high-risk data gaps by analyzing your JobSight Research notifications across time.

See how many times we've contacted you for missing data vs. conflicting data. Get even more specific to see exactly which pieces of information cause the most trouble - are your job site addresses frequently wrong? Are you often missing required project stakeholder information? Once you know where the gaps lie, you can inform better data collection policies within your internal teams.

Data Gaps Risk Assessment.gif


  1. Navigate to the Action Center and click the Suggestions tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Click the Filters button and filter notifications by type, etc. To expand your analysis to all your notifications across all time, we recommend you select "All" for Status.


See all of your upcoming deadlines in one place. One customer uses this report to see all projects with upcoming lien deadlines in the next two weeks so that she can share the report with her collectors.Next Deadline Date Report-1.gif


  1. Go to the Projects list page.
  2. Filter by Date Type and select Next Deadline Date.
  3. Select additional custom filters such as Date Range, Contract Amount, Branch Name, State, etc. and click "Apply Filters."
  4. [Optional] Download filtered list into a CSV format to share the report outside of zlien, or save the filter for future use by clicking "Save Filter."


Want to see all documents that were mailed out last week? Or do you need to filter your orders by order status, document type, or both?

Document Status Report.gif


  1. Go to Documents list page.
  2. Filter by Document Completed Date, Document Type, and/or Document Status.
  3. Click "Apply Filters."
  4. [Optional] Download filtered list into a CSV format to share the report outside of zlien, or save the filter for future use by clicking "Save Filter."

#5: lien rights risk report

Some of our customers lack critical pieces of project information and rely on our research team to fill in these gaps. When a bunch of new jobs are added to zlien or a group of orders goes through the full research process, at this point many of our customers ask: How do we see which jobs are still missing critical project data, and therefore might still be at risk of losing lien rights?

We have a solution! Use the customizable columns on any list page to add a column for the piece of information you are looking for. This allows you to quickly see which jobs are still missing that information.

Data Gap Report.gif

Example: Which monthly notices in my Queue don't have General Contractor information?

  1. Go to the Action Center > Queue.
  2. Filter by Document Type to see only Monthly Notices.
  3. Click the pencil icon to the right of the columns list to edit the 5 columns in the table.
  4. A window will appear. Add a "General Contractor" column by clicking the plus sign (you may need to remove another column to make space).
  5. Select "Apply Changes" and get a list of all monthly notices with GC information. Any notices without GC information will have blank entries in the GC column.


Do you have your own reports that you like to pull from zlien? We would love to hear other creative ways our customers are using the system! Comment below to share.


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