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4 Tricks to personalize your zlien account

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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8/4/17 10:02 AM

We've got many tips and tricks up our sleeve to help our customers customize their account and get the most value out of zlien.  Whether you want to have special ordering preferences do the job for you, or personalize the mail you send through zlien, in this article we'll cover 4 tricks to help you personalize your zlien account. 

Although there are many ways for you to personalize your zlien experience, in this post, we're going to highlight 4 tips and tricks to help you get started.  As always, we recommend asking your zlien Account Manager for advice on what customization will work best for you and how you can achieve it! 

trick #1: Queue ordering preferences

We know most of you have a particular way of doing business when it comes to your notices, waivers and liens, and many of you follow your own notice and lien policy (and if you don't have a company notice policy yet - you should).  That's why we've created the zlien Queue - to help you tailor your document filing  to your company needs and way of doing business. 

All you have to do is get your jobs into zlien - either manually, by spreadsheet imports or through our data entry services - and then you can set your ordering preferences to file documents for you.  You can even have zlien recommend that you file voluntary documents such as notices of intent to lien for projects where you are not getting paid and may want to send a warning to help get your payment faster.  You can access the Queue from the Action Center in the new zlien, and your Account Manager can help you set your preferences.  Just ask us for help! 

Log in to your account now to check out your Queue: 


trick #2: personalize your column headers

This may seem pretty simple, but it can make a huge impact when you're in your account (and this is a new feature in the new zlien).  When you're on pages such Contacts, Documents and Projects, you can select which columns are important to you when viewing your lists.  Maybe it's important for you to view which location or branch is associated with the job, but for someone else, it's more important to know view your customer information.  

You can add, remove and re-order your columns at anytime, and you can set different views for each page.  For example, some information may be more important for you ti view when you're on the Contacts page, but there are other details that you want to highlight when viewing your Documents page.  You can personalize each page to your preference.  

In this example, we're updating the Projects page: 



These are your notices that you're sending, so it makes perfect sense to want to personalize the cover letters sent with them!  All notices (preliminary notices, notices of intent to lien and recurring monthly notices) are sent with a zlien cover letter.  The cover letters are designed to help build and maintain relationships, better explain the documents and increase collaboration and transparency.  You can view all of the cover letters that are automatically sent here: zlien Cover Letters

Of course we think we did a great job creating these letters, but we understand that you may be interested in including your company name, logo or perhaps a preferred message to your customers.  Ask your zlien Account Manager if custom cover letters is something that may be a good idea for you to pursue, and they can help you get there!

Download Preliminary Notices Best Practices Guide


Similar to trick #2, you can also personalize your filters and sorting to create saved filters in your account - that are also great for exporting your data that is important to you.  On any page in the new zlien, you can choose the filters and important details to view exactly what you need.  If you like what you see, save the filter and name it something unique.  

For example, on the Project page you want to make a special view for all of your jobs with upcoming deadlines and name it "My Deadline Reminder" filter.  Maybe you want to view all jobs with your largest customer? You can make a view just for them, and check it out at anytime once you've saved it!  Whether you save the details or not, you can export the information as a CSV file. 

Check out how to make custom reports and filters and get some great ideas on reports you can export from your account: 5 Awesome Reports You Can Pull in the New zlien Platform 

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