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Strategies for Making Protecting your Lien Rights a Habit

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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3/8/18 12:06 PM


Achieving success in zlien and protecting your lien rights is not a one-time achievement.  This is an on-going experience, and you’re going to get the most value by forming habits. Some of these habits will be quick wins for you and your company, and others will build up overtime with long-term gains. In this blog, we’ll help you set yourself up for success by setting  strategies for making protecting lien rights a habit for you and your business.

Start with your current problem and process

For some folks, there may be no existing process as you adopt zlien and begin to manage lien rights - and that's ok! Everyone has to start somewhere.  Lay all the cards on the table to see what you're currently doing (or not doing), and see what's working or not working.  From there, you will see natural gaps in your process and where the problems are. As you role out more of your lien and notice rights process, you should always use this habit to ensure you are doing what is best for your business.  Some general rules to follow and where we see the most success with zlien users: 

Create and follow your company policy and rules

 Building upon your first strategy, you've laid out what was or wasn't working and developed a company process or policy for protecting lien rights. Now you have to implement and stick to it! This may seem obvious, but not everyone sticks to the rules they set out, and that is a missed opportunity to improve your collections process and customer relationships.  

There are a few ways to see your policy through: 

  • Block time on your calendar that is devoted to lien rights. We know you wear many hats and may not have too much time to focus on exchanging documents. By making a commitment on your calendar, you know it will be your time to shutout the rest of your duties and focus on lien rights. 

  • Take baby steps as you roll out your new process or vendor.  We've seen folks dive in too quickly. They may start firing off filing documents on anything and everything and end up causing more work for themselves on the back end. This doesn't mean you wait weeks or months to get started, simply it means that you should create your plan, stick to it and make changes over time. 

  • Appoint a lien-rights champion on your team. If you're reading this post, you may have just indirectly appointed yourself! By naming someone the champion for lien rights at your organization, you are ensuring someone will see your policy through, educate your co-workers and customers and always strive to be an advocate for collaborating on lien rights. Ultimately, the end goal is to not have to file a lien, and you need someone to own your lien policy to create coverage and minimize risk while still maintaining great business relationships. 

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