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4 helpful tips when filing documents through the zlien Action Center

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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7/18/17 10:33 AM


If you have not explored the Action Center yet, check it out!  You can get to it by opting into the new zlien, and it is located in the top left corner.  From there, you have three awesome features at your fingertips: The Queue, Monthly Notices and JobSight Suggestions!  In this post, we will zoom in on the Queue and 4 helpful tips when filing documents through the zlien Action Center.  

our 4 tips

The 4 tips we're covering today will be helpful whether this is your first time using the Queue or if you have been using it for years!  All of our tips and tricks will be available through the new zlien, and you may not be able to access all of the features if you are still working out of the classic view; therefore, no time like the present to move on over to the new zlien now!  

If you're just getting started with the new look, here are some helpful guides to get you started: 

  1. Watch our new platform webinar
  2. 5 Awesome reports you can pull in the new zlien platform 

Now that you're comfortable with the new zlien, here are the tips we're covering in this post when filing documents through the Action Center: 

  1. How to sort, filter, adjust columns and export Queue items (We just released this!)
  2. Quick View of Queue items and what you'll find when you use it
  3. How to see which workflow setting is triggering items to appear in your Queue
  4. Where to view customer and project information on a Queue item and how to use this to your advantage 

tip #1: sort, filter & export

We just released enhancements to the feature earlier this week!  Now you can sort, filter and export your Queue with more options, such as: 

  1. New Column Option: Canceled by User
  2. New Column Option: Cancellation Reason
  3. New Sort/ Filter Option: Status
  4. New Option to Export to a .csv file

This release is especially valuable for managers needing more information on what is being filed or not filed through the Queue. 

Check out all of the details by clicking here!

tip #2: quick view & its benefits

Not only is the quick view a time saver, it saves your spot in the Queue as well!  In the Queue under the classic view, you could only view minimum project information when expanding an item, and if you wanted to see more on the project, you had to move to a different screen for more information - thus losing your spot!  With the quick view, you can stay on the same page, not lose your spot and you get much more information at your fingertips. 

See Quick View in action below: 

Jul-13-2017- Queue Quick View.gif

With the quick view, you can see all of your job details, invoices, more information on the document you're about to file and all other projects you have with this particular customer (which will touch on in another tip). 

tip #3: Double check your workflow, ordering preferences

Too frequently in the classic view, folks reached out to our zlien Support Team asking why an item was appearing in their Queue.  Since the Queue will bring a job to your attention and remind you to file a document based on ordering preferences that include more criteria than just deadlines (such as invoices and voluntary documents), it can be confusing if you cannot determine why a job is appearing in your queue.

For example, if you know that there is no notice requirement in X state, but the queue is prompting you to file a notice, you can now see that the item was driven into your Queue based on the workflow and preferences you set (which could remind you to consider filing voluntary documents). 

You can check this when using the Queue Quick View (see Tip #2 in this post for details). Under the document details, you will see "Workflow" in bold.  Below this header, you can see the name of the workflow that is ordering your document.  In the example below, the workflow name is "New Orleans Branch Prelims (includes voluntary documents)."  This is a pretty specific and unique name, and we recommend renaming some of your workflows to make them more meaningful in the Quick View! 


tip #4: Use other projects to your advantage

How frequently do you look up a customer in your system to determine if it's OK, a good idea, etc to send them a preliminary notice, or perhaps warn them of non-payment with a notice of intent to lien?   You can view this information on a Queue item in the Action Center.  You can see all open and closed jobs you have with this customer and what the total amount of outstanding invoices is with their company.  Therefore, you have more information at your fingertips to help you decide if it's a smart decision to protect this job.  

For example, if you typically have jobs with a total contract amount of $10K, and you're considering filing a preliminary notice on a new job.  When you pull up this item in the Queue, you can see that you have 6 other open jobs with this customer, and they have more than $90K of unpaid invoices.  Based on the historical details, you can decide if it's a smart, business decision to send a preliminary notice and protect your right to file a lien on this job. 

You can access this through the Quick View under the section labeled "All Projects with [insert your customer's name here]."  

First, you will see any open projects with their outstanding amount. 
Second, you will see any archived projects. 


next steps

If you have never used the Queue nor Action Center before and want to make sure you have the best preferences set, ask your zlien Account Manager to walk you through this and recommend which preferences work best for you. Check out the settings you have now by logging into your zlien account: 

File Mechanics Lien

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