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3 Ways to get your job info into zlien without logging in

Posted by Gretchen Lynn

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12/15/17 3:58 PM

Exchanging documents, collaborating with other project stakeholders and managing deadlines should be your main activities when using zlien.  Occasionally, zlien customers may find themselves in situations where they are spending too much time getting their job info into their account.  Getting your jobs into the system is just one step in receiving overall value and success.

If getting your jobs into the system is standing in your way and taking too much time, here are 3 ways to get your job info into zlien without logging in. 

What are my options?

If you have a significant project volume every month (typically 20+ new jobs every month), we recommend using one of our data components to get your jobs into zlien.  You have 3 options to choose from: 

  1. Spreadsheet Imports 
  2. API Integration 
  3. QuickBooks Online
  4. Bonus: If none of the above works for you, but you don't have bandwidth to do your own data entry, let us do your data entry for you! Just send us your job sheets and/or invoices, and we'll add them to your zlien account for you. 

spreadsheet imports

zlien customers can either import new jobs into their account and/or invoice information.  Our most successful customers are doing both.  This helps them get job data into the system quickly, accurately and they can see a real-time pulse on their outstanding A/R. 


api integration 

Customers can integrate zlien's platform to any other software application through our SOAP API. The API integration supports real-time data exchanges between zlien and any software application, enabling customers to delivery project, account, and invoicing information to zlien, and for zlien to return project, account, and lien action information back to them.  


Quickbooks online integration

zlien has a built-in integration with Quickbooks Online, the most popular small business cloud accounting platform. It’s easy to sync accounting data with any zlien account, enabling our customers to automatically calculate lien requirements and connect lien, notice, and waiver actions to real-time account data.  For example, when you are receiving payments and updating invoice information in QuickBooks, you can quickly and easily update your invoice and project information in zlien


let us enter your jobs for you!

If all of the above are too technical for you, no worries, we have you covered! zlieners send us jobs sheets or invoices, and we take care of the data entry for you. It's quick and painless for you, and now you have more time to manage your projects and relationships.  

Next steps

From here, ask your zlien Account Manager about your options and what will work best for you.  We've worked with several ERP systems and customers just like you.  Let us help you shape your path to success. 

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