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3 Ways to Get More Value from Your JobSight Research

Posted by Max Segal

9/8/17 12:35 PM

Part human and part machine, zlien’s JobSight research team is the living machine chomping at the bit to seek out the hard-to-find project information you need to send correct and complete documents on your jobs.  In addition to industry knowledge, the folks on the JobSight team have access to numerous construction databases plus zlien’s own Universal Data Graph, which has information and for hundreds of thousands of active construction projects.  

Our researchers are armed with the tools and skills necessary to complete your project information and help you send flawless documents, but there are a few things you can do as a zliener to get more vlaue from your JobSight Research.  In this post, we will cover the top 3 ways to achieve this success! 

Optimize your jobsight preferences

zlien's JobSight Team finds conflicting or missing information on 81% of the projects researched.  As a customer, you have many options for how, when, and why you would like to receive notifications about this information, and how you would like your data gaps and verification handled based on those preferences.  We recommend actively customizing your settings at the start of your account and again once you're more comfortable with the process.  This will allow you to maximize the information you are receiving and minimize hassle.  

Chek out what preferences you have now: 
File Mechanics Lien

For example:

Question: Are you the office manager at a big general contracting company who typically knows the owner but sometimes receives suspect information from your sales team?  

How zlien can help: If your answer is yes, then it makes sense for you to choose “contact me” for owner conflicts so you can be 100% sure.  

Question:  Are you a material supplier who has no idea what a legal property description is supposed to look like?  

How zlien can help: Don’t worry, our researchers can find this almost every time, so choose to use JobSight data so we can get your notices out the door without delay.  Customizing your alert preferences is an easy way to make sure you can see and use every piece of information that our team finds on your job.  

Keep an eye out for more specific content on setting up your preferences in the coming weeks.

log in regularly to respond to notifications & Suggestions

Now that you’re set up to receive notifications exactly how you want, you’re all set, right?  Well,  you still need to log into your account regularly to respond to your notifications and suggestions - depending on your preferences and what the notification actually is.  If you let your notifications expire, our team has no choice but to send your document with the original information provided, even if it means a certain field is missing.   If you can't log in to resond to notifications and suggestions, we recommend asking your zlien account manager for ways to change your settings and decrease the instances you need to reply and sign off on these details. 

The default time for notifications to expire is 2 days, but we know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so we recently updated our system to allow you to lengthen the time you have to review everything.  If you regularly review your notifications, you can be sure you’re taking full advantage of all the information the JobSight team finds.  

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utilize the project nickname field

We know you're no fan of "missing address" notifications.  It can be a burden for you, because you’ve provided location information as best as you can.  And researchers try their absolute best to avoid sending them because they don’t want to delay the processing of your documents.  Sometimes, all they need is a little extra hint like “New McDonalds” or “On-ramp resurfacing job” to locate a project that may not have a defined address.  Even if you don’t typically use the nickname field to track your projects internally, consider using it to provide additional project information.  For our researchers, these tiny details can be the the key that opens up a treasure chest of construction data.

In this example, see where you can add a project nickname in the new zlien


Next Steps

The common thread that links all these suggestions is activity.  We take pride in our JobSight team because they empower zlien customers to send effective documents.  However,  in order for them to help you achieve success and the most value, we encourage you to be active in monitoring your account and customizing your preferences.  If you take these easy steps, you can be assured you’re getting all the information and know-how our researchers have to offer.

If you want more specific best practices for your preferences, ask your zlien account manager to walk you through your JobSight settings.  They are the experts, and are here to make sure you get the most value. 

Cheers from the zlien JobSight Team!

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