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15 Minutes to Spring Clean your zlien Account

Posted by Sean Landry

3/20/18 4:36 PM


When the days get longer and the air gets warmer, it's time to throw open windows and do some spring cleaning.  You may already be planning a closet or garage purge, but don't forget about staying organized at the office.  Spring cleaning at the office can have the same great benefits such as improving your mood and saving you time. 

Here's how you can take 15 minutes today to clean up your zlien account to set your spring up for success.

5 Minutes: Review JobSight Preferences

When our JobSight research team finds project information that conflicts with or does not precisely match the information that you originally provided, they will proceed according to your account settings.  If you’re like a lot of zlien users, you probably haven't looked at those setting since you signed up for zlien! 

Now that you have more experience with zlien and JobSight’s research alerts, it’s a good practice to review these preferences.

HOW:  Log in to zlien and click on the settings gear in the upper-right hand corner.   From there, select JobSight Usage

JobSight Preference Settings Dropdown.png

  You'll be taken to a page that outlines all of your current setting for the following:

  • Property Owner: Empty, Non-Match, Conflict
  • General Contractor: Empty, Non-Match, Conflict
  • Property Location: Non-Match, Conflict
  • Project Type: Conflict
  • Property Legal Description: Conflict

Note:  A "Non-Match" means that the information has subtle technical differences (e.g. Bob & Suzy Marley vs. Robert and Susan Marley), whereas a "Conflict" means the data is fundamentally different (e.g. John Doe vs. Jane Smith).

Take a look at the preferences.  Do you find yourself solving the same alert the same way every time? Perhaps you want to change your preference to to use JobSight data only so it's automatically resolved and can save you some time (every little bit of time adds up).

If you aren’t sure about any of these preferences, contact your account manager and request a free JobSight Insight report. This report is prepared by a member of zlien’s JobSight team who audits your account’s research activity and provides recommendations for how to adjust your JobSight preferences.

2 Minutes: Audit company settings

Similar to your JobSight preferences, chances are you haven’t reviewed your Account Settings since your very first training back when you first became a zlien customer.  Many documents sent through zlien are considered legal documents and you don’t want to unintentionally lose out on your lien rights just because of some basic information about your own business is incorrect. [It happens -- here's an article about just how easy it can be for a contractor can get their own name incorrect!]

Take two minutes here to review your company information and settings to make sure it’s all still correct.

HOW:  Login to zlien and click on the setting gear in the upper-right hand corner.   From there, select Company and Users. 

Company & Users Settings Dropdown.png

Click through the various tabs including My Profile, Users, Locations, Lines of Business and Company Info.

Company and User Settings.png

Has your office moved and you need to update the address?  Are there any new lines of business you should add to save time when creating projects in zlien?  Do you have a new DBA

Also, take a moment to consider who is currently using zlien.  Do you have users who are no longer with the company that you need to delete?  Are there others on your team who should have access to zlien?

8 Minutes: ARchive old jobs

If you have old jobs cluttering up your account, it’s more difficult to tell what next steps you need to take on the jobs that are still active.  To reduce the noise, archive all of the jobs that are completed and paid.

HOW:  When you are viewing a project, hover over the box that contains the status and amount due.  Hovering will cause a green circle with three dots to appear in the corner of the box.  Click the circle and select Mark as Paid. 

Market Project as Paid GIF.gif

Don't worry, your project data will NOT be lost.  Plus, at anytime you can follow the same steps to re-activate your project if you get a change order and it needs to be re-opened. 

Do you have a lot of projects and wish that we could archive them automatically once the job is paid in your accounting software?  Learn more about how we can help by importing your invoices here.

Conclusion - not bad for 15 minutes of work!

These three simple (and painless) spring cleaning tasks can save you time and money!  Ready to knock it out and login now? Here we go!


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